One more voice in a sea of voices

The impetus for this page is an assignment from a course I am taking to obtain a Master’s degree as a Journalism Educator. The Master’s is offered through Kent State, and the course that instigated this little experiment is called The Social Role of Mass Media. What I like about this assignment is that it is badly needed kick in the pants for me, because I have been thinking about the social role of mass media for the longest time.

Of course, I haven’t realized that that is what I have been doing, but even now in this first week, bells and alarms have been going off, signalling to me that this might just be an occasion for me to give voice to some of these thoughts of mine, albeit, just another in a sea of voices trying to make sense of the media and journalism as it treads water hoping for the stars to align and rescuers scramble to toss a life line.

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